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Exhibitors and Application Information


Coronado Art Association's Art in the Park is a juried show. Exhibitors must be residents of San Diego County and create an exhibit using only their own work.


To Apply for Membership and to be juried into CAA:

Download the application form (click here) and print it out. 


Fill in the form and make a jurying-in appointment with Jaime Comacho ( or with show coordinator Greg Kalajian (  


A non-refundable application fee of $25 must be given with the filled-out application form. Cash or check only.


All artwork submitted must be originals.

Jurying is done at the regular scheduled art shows.

You will not hear from us (other than to acknowledge receipt of your application check), until the jury date is set. We try to give you 2 weeks' notice. Juries are typically held every few months. 


Please note that this is a fine art, private non-profit organization. The jury process is a selective one, based upon the quality and fit of the artist's own work within the association's register of artists, the space available, as well as our bylaws as to the content and type of artwork. Jurying is based on five pieces in each media you wish to exhibit. 


The jury may accept or reject the application at its sole discretion. Artwork content and media is limited to the types noted in our bylaws. All applicants should review the bylaws (which are posted on this site) prior to submittal to see if their work qualifies for consideration by the jury. The jury's decision is final.

We jury a few times during the year at the jury chair's discretion. 


When the date is set, you will receive an email setting the date of the jury on a first or third Sunday of the month morning in Speckels Park. You will need a minimum of 5 recent pieces in each medium you wish to jury (max 3 media). If you have not seen our show, please come by on a first or third Sunday and stroll through. You will notice that we do not allow “overheads” such as tents, other than beach or market-type umbrellas.

Guidelines by which work will be accepted or rejected include:

  1. Current California business license and tax ID number

  2. Visual art only,  work must be original, created, and produced by the exhibitor only.

  3. Work must not violate U.S. or International Copyright laws.

  4. Work must be of good quality.

  5. Work cannot be obscene or otherwise in bad taste.

  6. No nudes (painting or sculpture).

  7. No clothing, crocheted, consumables, knitted or sewn items, nor kit work.

  8. Jewelry or craftwork mainly of purchased components, such as arrangements, will not be juried.

  9. All flat art must be framed or canvas wrapped; 3-dimensional work must be exhibit-ready.

  10. You will have 8 feet of exhibit space at the jury for all pieces.

  11. All work shall be displayed on a stable background that can withstand gusting winds that are sometimes present within the park. Work shall not be in contact with the ground itself and must be mounted on easels, stands, rails, or tables.

  12. For email questions, contact Jaime Camacho at

    If accepted, please consider helping to keep this long-time Coronado institution running. We are looking for volunteers to help. Just a little time and some computer skills are all that is necessary.      

All accepted exhibitors are required to submit a copy of their California State Board of Equalization Sellers Permit. Exhibitors are solely required to pay all applicable taxes on work sold.


Exhibitors will remit a five percent (5%) fee to the Coronado Art Association on the day of the sale, or within 7 days of payment for commissioned work sold through contacts made at Art in the Park.  

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