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Jury Process

  1.  If you have not contacted Jaime Camacho, Jury Chair, for a date to come and be juried into the Art in The Park then please reach out to him via email at for a date that is agreeable to both of you.

  2. Arrive by 9:00 AM. Speckle’s Park, Coronado at the corner of 7th and Orange. Look for Greg Kalajian and check in with him.  Exhibiting and selling time is 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Plan on attending the entire day to sell your art work. Jury cost is $25.00 and if you are accepted as a member, this fee will cover your annual dues for 2021. Place the fee along with your filled-out application in duplicate and put the fee in the blue envelope Greg gives to you. Give the forms to Jaime.

  3. Jurying is based on FIVE pieces in each media you wish to exhibit, e.g., five oils, five sculptures, etc. Your work must be presented just as you intend to exhibit in the park. You must be sure your exhibit is aesthetically nice to look at, and safe-with precautions so it will not blow over. Try to use weights to hold things down when possible as the city frowns on us using stakes. Note: We provide the lawn only

  4. You will be required to be set up by 10:00 A.M.  Greg will assign you a place to set up on check in. 

  5. Guidelines by which work will be accepted or rejected:

    • You must have a current California business license and tax id number. 

    • Your work must be of original design, created and produced by you, the exhibitor.

    • Work must not violate U.S. or International Copyright laws.

    • Work must be of good quality. We wish to exhibit and sell “fine art”. (This is not an arts and crafts fair).

    • Work cannot be obscene or otherwise in bad taste. (no nudes)

    • No clothing for sale.

    • Jewelry must be handmade. No crafts or silk arrangement types of items will be allowed.

    • You must donate 5% commission on all sales for the day to the director by 3:30 P.M.  in the envelope we provide. (We are a non-profit and money collected goes back to the City of Coronado in many ways as gifts from the Coronado Art Association.)

      If some media is accepted and others rejected, then going forward only the accepted media can be exhibited. Rejected work can be re juried at a future time.

  6.  When you submit your work for jury you agree to:

    • Abide by the decision of the jurors.

    • Obey all Art in the Park regulations as written in our membership booklet.

  7. Also, if accepted, please consider helping to keep this long-time Coronado institution running. We are looking for volunteers to help. Just a little time and some computer skills are all that is necessary.

  8. Please read our club's by-lays if you have any questions before contact us. We have specific do’s and don’ts listed here>>

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