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Catherine Housseau


Catherine Housseau

Catherine Housseau is originally from Paris, France, and has been a resident of San Diego for over 20 years. She also lived in South East Asia where she developed her love for the Healing Arts.
She has loved taking pictures since she was a child. She remembers taking her grandfather‘s old vintage accordion camera (Yes, he still had films for it!)- so she could take pictures of the family and other random sceneries. She believes she got her love of photography from him; he was an avid photographer of black and white!

While in France she attended the Institute Louis Lumière in Paris while working in a photo lab. At the same time, developing her own pictures in her bathroom that she used as a darkroom. It was still the old school art of film where one did not know what one’s photos looked like until the film was developed! She recalls wandering in the streets of Paris, taking pictures at every corner, trying to emulate Robert Doisneau or Henri Cartier Bresson.

Then her focus went into the Healing Arts but she never stopped taking pictures. Her love and passion for it made her want to transition to doing it more professionally again. Because she is located on the coast of southern California, her pictures will often reflect the beauty of that coastline as well as places she loves like Hawaii and France. She also has a collection of Flowers and Abstracts. Her work specializes in Metal prints which bring the photos to life with vibrant colors. They are also available in fine art quality paper and come in all sizes. Her goal is to bring beauty to people’s homes, offices, or commercial spaces. Her photographs are available for purchase online at her website:

You can also find her Instagram account @catherinehousseauphotography

Samples of artist's work below. Click image for a larger view. 
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