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Jaime Camacho

Watercolor, Oil, Sculpture, Photography

Jaime Camacho

B.A. in Architecture. Universidad Bachelor Degree in Architecture, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 1976
Master of Architecture, Universidad Católica de Cordoba Argentina, 1979
Interior Architecture, University of California Extension 1983.Seminars and Training Courses: Budgeting, Programming & Scheduling, Urban & Housing planning, Promotion & Development of Construction Projects.
Education and six years of experience with AutoCAD & AEC, all versions up to release 2000, 3D Studio, Photoshop, PageMaker, In Design, Premiere Pro, and various programs for animation and rendering programs for both PC and MAC.
Graphic Design, Painting and Photography courses. Some of my Work has been published in international design magazines and my work has been exhibited in US and Latin American galleries. Workshops in watercolor, oil painting, sculpture and photography.

Teaching experience: For six years I taught Architectural Design and History of Art & Architecture at five Schools of Architecture in Colombia.
Universidad Catolica de Colombia
Universidad Piloto de Colombia
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Universidad de America
Universidad de La Salle

Watercolors. Galeria San Lucas. Bogota, Colombia 1983
Watercolors. 82 Arte-Galeria. Bogota, Colombia 1983
Watercolors & Pastels. 82 Arte-Galeria. Bogota, Colombia 1984
Watercolors. La Luz Gallery. San Francisco, California. 1986
Acrylics. Ramada Inn Gallery. Carmel, California. 1987 *
Acrylics. L’altra Casa Galeria. Bogota, Colombia 1989
Photography retrospective. Colombian Consulate. Miami, Florida 1993
Photography “Architecture” Books & Books Gallery.
Miami Beach. Florida 1994.
Watercolors on Colombian landscapes. Colombian Consulate. Coral Gables 1994
Oils and Pastels. Figurative. Colombian Consulate,
Coral Gables 1995
Oils and Pastels. Figurative. Astoria Fine Arts Gallery, Coral Gables 1997
Oils & Sculptures. Colombian Consulate. Coral Gables1998
Watercolors, Oils and Pastels. Sol Gallery. Coconut Grove 1998
Oils SOL Gallery. Coconut Grove 1999
Oils SOL Gallery, 2000
Oils SOL Gallery, 2001
Arte para Todos Gallery, Buenos Aires Argentina, 2002
Coconut Art Gallery, Florida, Floral collection 2003, 2004, 2005
Chabot Art Gallery, Providence RI, Watercolors 2008, 2007, 2008, 2009.
Rhode Island Art Gallery, Warwick Oils 2010
JC Art Studio, Cambridge, MA Mixed Media 2013
85 Arte Galeria, Bogotá, Colombia 2013 – 2014 -2016 -2017
Galeria El Callejon, Bogota, Colombia. 2016, 2017, 2018.

Group Artists. Pastels. Galeria Pluma. Bogota. Colombia 1984
Group Artists. Watercolors. The Watercolor Gallery. Berkeley, California. 1985.
Group Artists. Watercolors. Oakland Art Gallery. Oakland, California. 1990
Group Artists. Oil on canvas. Oakland Art Gallery. Oakland, California. 1990
Group Artists. Watercolors. Alta Bates Gallery. Berkeley, California. 1991
Group Artists. Watercolors. Architect-Artists Exhibit. Miami Beach, Florida 1992
Group Artists. Watercolors, Oils and Pastels. Sol Gallery. Coconut Grove 1999-2002-2001
Coconut Art Gallery, Florida, Floral collection 2004
Arch de La Defense Gallery, Paris, France. 2005
Associazione Margutta Arte Gallery, Roma, Italy 2005
Fusion Gallery, Miami, Florida, 2006
Chabot Gallery, Providence, 2008, 2009, 2010.
Tse Tse Gallery, Providence Rhode Island, 2011.
The Sairwell Gallery, Providence 2011, 2012.
85 Arte Galeria, Bogotá, Colombia 2013 – 2014 -2016 -2017.
La Jolla Art Festival, La Jolla, CA 2019
Palm Springs Art Show. Palm Springs, CA 2019
Coronado Art Association, Art in the Park-2020-2022

Member of the Oakland Art Association, San Diego Watercolor Society, One Ear Society in Coconut Grove, Rhode Island Art association, and promoted to chairman of one of its committees.
Founding member of Rhode Island Latino Art Association.
*Ramada Inn Hotel acquired 160 painting for its new hotel in Salinas, California. Published Photographer. Architectural stock photos selected for AXIS JAPAN, Trends in Design. Articles on world Architecture.
I have done throughout my 35 year professional practice commissions for portraits executed in various techniques such as charcoal, pastels, watercolors, and oil on canvas.

Miami Dade County Florida. The Mayor presented me a Certification of Appreciation in recognition of my valuable contribution to the Art Community, 2000

State of Rhode Island, Office of the Governor. Appreciation for my Valuable Contribution by my participation in the ^th Annual State Latin American Visual Arts Exhibit. 2008

State of Rhode Island, City of Providence, Official Citation in recognition of my support to the Latin American Art Community, 2009.

State of Rhode Island, City of Providence, Official Citation in recognition of my support to the Latin American Art Community, 2010.
State of Rhode Island, Senate Citation, In Recognition of Participating and Improving the Arts in the City of Providence through the Latin Exhibition at the Tse Tse Gallery, 2011.

First Place, Watercolor Category at the La Jolla Art Festival. 2019.

Books & Books Calendar, Miami Beach
El Colombiano U.S.A
Venezuela al Dia
Biscayne Bay Tribune
EL Especial, Miami
Miami New Times
Concord Monitor
El Nuevo Herald
Miami Guest Informant
Herencia Hispana en America
Venezuela International Art Auction
Who’s who in the Art
Revista SEMANA
Revista Cromos
Il Tempo ROMA
Leggo, Italy
Rinascita, Rome
La Discussione, Rome
Il Giornale D’Italia
Romac’e, Rome
Ricerca Eventi Roma

United Status lived in California & Florida 1976-2001
Argentina 1978/79/ 2002
Brazil & Uruguay 1979
Ecuador 1974
France. Italy. Austria 1980 / 2002
Spain & Germany 1980 / 2002
Mexico, 1981
Brazil 1979/1982
Peru 1984
Venezuela 1979 / 1982/ 1994 / 2015
Egypt 2002
France 2005, 2007, 2012, 2016
Italy 2005, 2017
Germany 1984/2015/2017
Singapore 2016
Thailand, Cambodia, Spain 2016
Austria, 1984/2007/2017.
Slovakia, Hungry, 2017
Turkey 2017
Spain 1984/2007/2015/2017

Read, write and fluent in: Spanish (native), English. Good knowledge of: French, Italian and Portuguese.

Samples of artist's work below. Click image for a larger view. 
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