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Penelope Quinn

Mixed Media

Penelope Quinn

I love art. Creating art makes me happy. The journey of how each piece evolves is crazy, organic and unpredictable. I imagine/recall images, create with various media, adding more abstract details I call “pennyglyphs” that tie images to various collaged shapes. The beginning to the final image evolves so much that it finishes up to be totally different than I what I originally imagined (aka crazy). Sometimes it is hard to say “it’s done” because I keep seeing more that can be added. What’s even better about being an artist is when others see my creations, their reactions make me smile. I’m so excited to be creating and participating in the San Diego arts scene. Art makes us all happy!

I moved to Imperial Beach in Spring 2021 (aka best move ever). Previously, I lived in Phoenix for 26 years. Being part of the incredible growth in the Phoenix downtown amazing urban arts area was so good and was an Active Articipant of Artlink. Originally from Chicago, and although I did move around through the decades, I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from some of the most fun creative people in the Audiovisual Industry! Also very lucky to do graphic design since day one and am happily retired from the City of Phoenix. Creating art to share with all is fun and rewarding. Yes indeed, I am a very lucky Penny!

Samples of artist's work below. Click image for a larger view. 
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